Building a sumo robot ring

We have decided to build some sumo robot at the hackspace, so i decided to take up this challenge here are some pictures from the build.


Attempting to cut out a large circle with the tools i had available proved to be tricky, tried using a router attached to some ply initally but this struggled to cut well.

In the end i used a jigsaw this worked quite well but the curve of the circle would move the blade away from its centre guild and caused me to take some chunks out that i had not in tended.

The build


Figure 1: Joining two sheets of mdf together


Figure 2: Cutting the circle with a jig bolted to a piece of wood


Figure 3: The inaccuracy


Figure 4: Fixing the inaccuracy


Figure 5: Masking for the lines

The final ring

I am reasonably pleased with the outcome it certainly could have been better, if i had cut the initial circle out more accurately also the rim could have done with being thicker to support the weight, this would likely have been harder to bend with the tools I had available.


Figure 6: The final ring

Lets build some robots

So now we have a ring lets build some robots, we can use them to test ideas for pi wars next year as well :)

I propose controlled for now, and small in size perhaps with these dimensions based on online dimensions.

500 millimetres high 200 millimetres width 200 millimetres depth 3000g weight limit