Restoring an old myford ml8 lathe

Recently i was given an old Myford ML8 lathe which was working but very rusty, i have never really tried dismantling and rebuild this type of machine before so this will be a learning experience.


Figure 1: lathe original state 01


Figure 2: lathe original state 02


Figure 3: lathe original state 03

Been cleaning the parts removing the rust and paint with a wire brush drill attachement, and smaller versions on a dremel for the awkward bit.

The smaller metal parts i have soaked in vinegar then rubed down with wire wool and sprayed with oil to top them re rusting.


Figure 4: lathe cleaning 01


Figure 5: lathe cleaning 02


Figure 6: lathe cleaning 03

After cleaning up the parts, i have primed them in some metal paint to help protect from rust, currently jut primed but i like the colour so will likely keep it bright red.


Figure 7: lathe cleaning 01


Figure 8: lathe cleaning 02


Figure 9: lathe cleaning 03

Sill lots of cleaning an painting todo, got a stuck pulley which will not come free from the shaft, and need to strip back the main housing and clean.